What Child is This? 

“She believed God was with her people, but her mind raced to the stories of old when the angel of the Lord appeared to the heroes of the faith and said things like this. It was always a signal that God was about to do something great.”

What Child is This?

What Child is This is a book of stories that have changed the course of human history, for good. However, the stories contained here are so familiar to many of us that we may tend to take for granted their impact on the world and the content of the stories themselves. Years of hearing holiday Christmas carols and annual re-tellings of these stories may have made us over-familiar with them. With this book, Jonathan Williams has helped the reader hear the message of the advent stories in a fresh way.

Why This Book Was Written

WCiD100x150“I grew up hearing the stories of Advent, and I am grateful for loving and godly parents who taught me the stories, the songs, and the celebrations.
But a disturbing thing happened when I grew up. I read the Advent stories for myself and realized they were anything but calm and peaceful tales to warm the heart. They aren’t, really, even children’s stories. Instead they are stories that breathtakingly reveal the spectrum of human emotion – from heartbreaking drama to rapturous praise, from arduous journeys to terror in the night. Hard obedience and hearts of faith stand forth as the requirement for those who were called to live the stories.
” – Jonathan Williams

What Readers Are Saying

These stories and the way they've been presented are opening the eyes and mind of the reader to a fresh and deeper understanding of The Advent story.
  • I feel like I’m walking in the same streets as Jesus and am part of the crowd that follows him everywhere. Jesus’ stories are so meaningful even today, after 2000 years.
  • Through your stories I always am amazed by the way Jesus lived his life, how much he sacrificed for us, how much pain and suffering he endured for each of us so we can be free and redeemed.
  • I love Stories of the Master because it gives me so many details about Jesus, and as I know Him better, he seems closer to me, more human, and I have experienced more the presence of the Lord in my life.”
  • I’ve been amazed by Stories of the Master. I love the details and the information shared in these programs. My mind and my heart get filled with the Holy Spirit every time I listen.

The Vision in the Temple -

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Old Zacharias receives a once in a lifetime opportunity to burn incense in the Holy Place, but when he enters, he is met by an angel with a startling message. God has heard his prayers! He and Elizabeth will have a son and he will be special beyond their wildest dreams!

The Young Virgin of Galilee

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Gabriel appears to Mary and tells her that she will bear the Messiah. Mary humbly submits to God's will and then travels to Judea to visit her relative Elizabeth who is pregnant with the forerunner. When the two women meet, the Spirit fills their hearts with words of praise that have resounded through the centuries.

Joseph and Mary in Nazareth

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Mary returns to Nazareth after her visit with Elizabeth but she faces a difficult task. She must tell Joseph she is pregnant. How will she break the news? And will he believe her story?

The Journey, the Birth, and the Shepherds

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God uses a Roman tax to get Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem. After a hard journey, the Savior is born, and they think they can now have some rest. But angels appear to shepherds and direct them to the manger to worship.

The Holy Family in Bethlehem and Jerusalem

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Joseph has Jesus circumcised on his eighth day according to the Law of Moses. Then on the 41st day he and Mary present offerings in the Temple for purification. But when they arrive, they are greeted by an old prophet and prophetess who tell them amazing things.

Strange Visitors from the East

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Months after Jesus is born, magi from the East arrive in Jerusalem looking for the king of Israel. But their request stirs up the city. What will King Herod say and do? He has killed to preserve his power before. He will kill again. How will God preserve the Holy Family?

About the Author

JonathanWilliams_250x300Jonathan Williams is the founder and president of Word of God, Speak which focuses on the truth of God’s Word accelerating life change, building a biblical worldview, and connecting people to God’s story.

He has pastored for over 30 years and is the featured speaker on the historic Heaven and Home Hour daily broadcast and the storyteller on the weekly Stories of The Master program.

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