The Journey to Jerusalem: SM051-060

Jesus continues sharing world-shaping and life-changing stories about the kingdom of God. He gives sight to a blind man in Jericho. He raises a man from the dead on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Passover is at hand. Multitudes await him with joy, and religious leaders plot to destroy him.


Stories of The Master

The story of Jesus and the stories he told come alive for the modern listener. Jonathan Williams weaves in cultural and historical details that help us understand who Jesus is and why he came to this world.

A Night of Stories, A Night of Lessons - SM051

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When Jesus finished telling his stories one night, the religious leaders left with anger, but he had one more story to tell for those who remained, and the lessons they learned would revolutionize their life.

The Grieving Sisters of Bethany - SM052

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The beloved brother of Martha and Mary is taken ill. The sisters send word to Jesus to come heal him but Jesus arrives late and Lazarus is already dead. What will Jesus do?

The Leper Who Gave Thanks - SM053

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Jesus healed ten lepers but only one returned to give thanks. What he learned and the lessons Jesus later told his disciples and the Pharisees reveal a sobering truth about those who will be saved and those who will be judged.

The Widow Who Would Not Be Silenced - SM054

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The disciples are filled with great concern and fear. To help them get through this time of trial Jesus tells them an unforgettable story about a widow who didn't have a chance against an unjust judge, yet succeeded anyway.

The Pharisee and the Tax Collector - SM055

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Jesus noticed that some around him were trusting in themselves rather than God and looking at others with contempt. This called for a story, the unforgettable story of a man who practiced every part of his religion perfectly, and a man who needed the mercy of God.

The Rich Man, the Camel, and the Kingdom - SM056

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On a busy day, Jesus heals and teaches multitudes, answers a question from Pharisees, and blesses little children. Then, a rich, young ruler approaches and asks, "Good Teacher, what must I do to inherit eternal life?" Jesus' answer surprised the ruler, the disciples, and people throughout the ages.

The Wealthy Landowner and the Greedy Workers - SM057

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Jesus tells an unforgettable story of grace about a kind and gracious employer who surprises everyone with the wage he gives his workers, but when the disciples start arguing about who is the greatest it shows that the lessons have yet to sink in to their hearts.

The Blind Men of Jericho - SM058

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Two blind men lived in Jericho - one blinded by disease, another by prejudice and hatred. Everyone rejoiced when the diseased man saw again, but the reaction was quite different when Jesus touched the man suffering from the sin of others.

The Ten Servant and Their Ten Coins - SM059

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Jesus nears Jerusalem and everyone thinks he is going to do something spectacular to inaugurate the kingdom of God and drive out the Romans. But Jesus tells a story that causes the hearers to evaluate their own hearts, and ours, before God, a story that gives his new understanding of the kingdom of God.

Leave Her Alone! - SM060

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It is the night before Jesus' final week. He is dining with his disciples in the home of Simon the leper. All goes well until a woman takes a jar of costly perfume worth the wages of a whole year and pours it all on Jesus. The disciples are enraged at this waste, but what does Jesus say about what she did?

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Appearances of angels, miraculous conceptions, scandalous rumors, surprised shepherds, prophecies in the temple, strange visitors from the east, deranged tyrants, staying one step ahead of death - this is the true story of Advent.
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A voice in the wilderness shatters the silence of 400 years – “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” A quiet figure comes for baptism, the heavens open and God’s voice is heard on earth again. Miracles follow – the sick are healed, the lame walk, the blind see, the dead are raised, and sinners forgiven. Who is this Jesus? What was his vision for his people and the world?
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Holy Week

He entered Jerusalem to the praise of the people. Five days later he was nailed to a Roman cross. Walk through the final week and discover the unexpected ending that changed the world forever.
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