Conflict in Israel: SM031-040

Jesus leaves Galilee and enters the region known as Perea. He begins the final part of his kingdom mission and travels toward Jerusalem where his destiny awaits.


Stories of The Master

The story of Jesus and the stories he told come alive for the modern listener. Jonathan Williams weaves in cultural and historical details that help us understand who Jesus is and why he came to this world.

A Disappointing Day - SM031

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After a mountaintop experience in which Jesus shows his glory to three of his disciples, Jesus and his disciples descend the mountain. Jesus finds the other nine disciples in an argument with scribes and unable to cast out an evil spirit from a young boy. The father of the young boy appeals to Jesus for help but Jesus is exasperated with everyone's unbelief.What will he do and say?

The Servant Who Would Not Forgive - SM032

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Jesus was in a home teaching his disciples about the kingdom of God - about humility, greatness, love, and forgiveness. To make sure his disciples learned these important lessons he told an unforgettable story about a servant who refused to forgive another.

Jesus at the Feast of Tabernacles - SM033

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Jesus' brothers want him to go with them to the Feast of Tabernacles to show himself openly and proclaim his Messiahship but Jesus refuses. Then, after they leave, Jesus goes up by himself. When he teaches in the Temple the authorities try to arrest him but they cannot cope with his words of power. At the Feast, Jesus does make an amazing claim for himself.

Caught in the Act of Sin - SM034

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Jesus is teaching in the Temple when the religious leaders bring a woman to him. They have caught her in the act of adultery! They tell Jesus, the great forgiver of sins, that the Law demands that she be put to death for her sin. If he forgives her, he is not following the Law. If he condemns her, he is compromising his message of forgiveness. What will he do?

The Man with Mud in His Eyes - SM035

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At the Light Ceremony at the Feast of Tabernacles Jesus makes his greatest claim yet - "I am the light of the world." But the people will not accept it. How can he get his message across? He finds a man who has been blind since birth and performs a miracle to show that he is indeed the light of the world.

The Shepherds of Israel - SM036

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It is the Feast of Dedication where the Jews remembered their military victory over the Greek armies in 165 BC. In their readings of Scripture they meditated on the difference between good shepherds and bad shepherds and during this time Jesus proclaimed something very important about his identity.

The Man Who Was Left for Dead - SM037

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Jesus and his disciples are rejoicing. Seventy of them have returned from a preaching tour where they saw great things happen. But then a religious lawyer challenges Jesus with a question. Jesus answers with a story that changes his life and the history of the world.

Calamities in the Kitchen - SM038

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Martha has welcomed Jesus into her home and is hoping to serve him and make it a grand occasion. But calamities in the kitchen soon make a mess and Martha loses control and complains. Jesus' response to her is a lesson she will not soon forget!

The Unexpected Guest - SM039

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The disciples ask Jesus to teach them to pray and Jesus gives them more than they asked for by telling them an unforgettable story that shows God's love for his people.

On Guard Against Greed - SM040

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A man in the crowd approaches Jesus and asks him to settle a dispute between him and his brother over their inheritance! Jesus refuses and tells a story that reveals the true heart of this man and of the world.

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Appearances of angels, miraculous conceptions, scandalous rumors, surprised shepherds, prophecies in the temple, strange visitors from the east, deranged tyrants, staying one step ahead of death - this is the true story of Advent.
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A voice in the wilderness shatters the silence of 400 years – “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” A quiet figure comes for baptism, the heavens open and God’s voice is heard on earth again. Miracles follow – the sick are healed, the lame walk, the blind see, the dead are raised, and sinners forgiven. Who is this Jesus? What was his vision for his people and the world?
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Holy Week

He entered Jerusalem to the praise of the people. Five days later he was nailed to a Roman cross. Walk through the final week and discover the unexpected ending that changed the world forever.
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