Who do men say that I am?: SM021-030

Jesus’ work reaches its height of popularity. Thousands flock to hear him teach and to find healing from every disease and affliction. But who is this Jesus, really? And what is his goal?


Stories of The Master

The story of Jesus and the stories he told come alive for the modern listener. Jonathan Williams weaves in cultural and historical details that help us understand who Jesus is and why he came to this world.

Whose Side Are You On? - SM021

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Jesus' family is very concerned about Him and what he is doing? In fact, they think he has lost his senses. They travel to the Sea of Galilee in order to bring him home. But when they arrive they find him in a controversy over the casting out of an evil spirit. Then, Jesus makes a statement that shocks everyone.

The Farmer, The Seed, and the Soils - SM022

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Jesus is teaching by the Sea of Galilee to the crowds, but he uses a new technique. He teaches in parables and explains them only to his disciples. Why does Jesus explain them only to a few?

The Perfect Storm - SM023

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Jesus leaves the crowds and tells his disciples to get into the boat. They are going to the other side of the lake. It seems like a great idea until a life-threatening storm comes upon the small boat. But this storm was small compared to another kind of storm on the other side of the lake as a demon-possessed man waited for them.

The Bleeding Woman and the Dying Daughter - SM024

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Jesus arrives in a village and the synagogue leader, Jairus, immediately asks him to hurry to his home to heal his daughter who is at the point of death. But on the way, Jesus is stopped by a woman who has been sick for twelve years. As Jesus ministers to the woman, the news comes that the daughter has died. Jesus is too late. Or is he?

The Dance that Led to Death - SM025

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For months John sat in his cell, the prisoner of Herod Antipas. But one day, during a drunken feast, the wife of Herod manipulated events to bring about the death of John. What did Jesus do and what did the disciples do when they heard this tragic news?

Bread by the Sea of Galilee - SM026

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After the death of John, Jesus and his disciples try to get away for some time alone and for rest. But when they arrive at their destination, they are greeted by thousands of men. Will Jesus send them away or will he teach and heal again?

Clean in the Eyes of God - SM027

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It's meal time and Jesus and his disciples prepare to eat but they fail to do something very important to the religious leaders. They do not ceremonially wash before the meal. The Pharisees reprove Jesus for this oversight but he has a few choice words for them, words that the whole world needs to hear.

Crumbs from the Master's Table - SM028

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Again Jesus tries to get away for some time alone and for refreshment. He leaves the borders of Israel and travels to Phoenicia, but even here he cannot escape notice. A woman finds him and loudly cries for help for her daughter who is afflicted with an evil spirit.

Standing by the Gates of Hell - SM029

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Jesus asks his disciples, "Who do people say that I am?" After their responses, he then asks them, "But who do you say that I am?" Peter makes his great confession of faith and Jesus lays out the plans that will bring down the gates of Hell itself.

A Night of Vision and Glory - SM030

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Jesus takes Peter, James, and John with him to the top of a mountain. While they sleep, he prays. Then they awaken to a marvelous sight, Jesus is changed before them. His garments are dazzling white, his face is like the sun, and Moses and Elijah are speaking with him. What did this event mean? What did the disciples do? And what did God say to them?

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Appearances of angels, miraculous conceptions, scandalous rumors, surprised shepherds, prophecies in the temple, strange visitors from the east, deranged tyrants, staying one step ahead of death - this is the true story of Advent.
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A voice in the wilderness shatters the silence of 400 years – “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” A quiet figure comes for baptism, the heavens open and God’s voice is heard on earth again. Miracles follow – the sick are healed, the lame walk, the blind see, the dead are raised, and sinners forgiven. Who is this Jesus? What was his vision for his people and the world?
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Holy Week

He entered Jerusalem to the praise of the people. Five days later he was nailed to a Roman cross. Walk through the final week and discover the unexpected ending that changed the world forever.
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