Voices in the Wilderness: SM001-010

A new prophet cries out in the wilderness, “The promised kingdom is at hand. The Messiah will soon be revealed!” Jesus is baptized, is tested in the desert, and begins to gather a few followers who walk with him to unexpected places and events.


Stories of The Master

The story of Jesus and the stories he told come alive for the modern listener. Jonathan Williams weaves in cultural and historical details that help us understand who Jesus is and why he came to this world.

A Word in the Wilderness - SM001

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A lone figure leaves society and goes into the wilderness to wait for the word of the Lord. The world of Rome and Israel has plunged into deep darkness, but into this world, the light of God's word arises with hope.

The Voice from Heaven - SM002

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After many months of preaching and baptizing in the wilderness, John is approached by Jesus of Nazareth who comes for baptism. John, the prophet, does not want to baptize this man. But Jesus insists that it was necessary. Why did John hesitate? Why was it necessary for Jesus to be baptized? And what happened when he did.

The Wanderer in the Wilderness - SM003

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Jesus leaves John and walks into the dangerous Judean wilderness - alone. For 40 days he fasts and prays. Loneliness sets in when someone approaches with an offer for satisfaction, power and glory.

First Encounters with Jesus - SM004

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Jesus has won the great contest in the wilderness. He has returned to the place where John is baptizing and when John sees him he encourages two of his disciples to follow Jesus. What does Jesus tell them and what do they learn?

The Servants' Secret - SM005

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Jesus is now back in Galilee. He and his five companions, Peter, John, Andrew, Philip, and Nathanael accompany him to a wedding in Cana. His mother, Mary, is there also and she discovers that the wedding festivities may come to an embarrassing end because the host is no longer able to provide wine for his guests. What does she tell Jesus? And what will Jesus do?

A Visitor in the Dark - SM006

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Jesus has gone to Jerusalem for Passover. He performs miracles although they are not reported in detail in John. Many profess to believe in His name but Jesus doesn't believe in them. He knows their hearts and turns from them. But one night a knock comes on the door - it is a visitor in the dark, a Pharisee, and he is hungry to learn more. The conversation between Jesus and the Pharisee becomes one of the most famous passages in the Bible.

The Humble Prophet - SM007

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Returning from Jerusalem, Jesus is now preaching and the crowds that once gathered to hear John are now following Jesus. John still has followers and they tell him, "Rabbi, the One that you baptized, that you said is Messiah, now has more people following him." John's reply to his devoted followers provides us with an in depth look at the heart of this man of God.

The Thirsty Woman Part 1 - SM008

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Jesus has left Jerusalem and is making His way north to Galilee. But instead of travelling on the east side of the Jordan River to avoid Samaria, He travels right through the province and at a well near the village of Sychar enters into a discussion with a Samaritan woman that would reveal the depths of her heart and change her life forever.

The Thirsty Woman Part 2 - SM009

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The woman of Sychar has never talked with anyone like Jesus, and when their conversation enters a critical moment, He reveals His identity to her. She runs to the village to tell the men that she thinks Messiah has come. The ensuing conversation between Jesus and the villagers becomes a turning point in their history.

The Royal Official of Galilee - SM010

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Jesus is now back in Galilee and has settled in Cana, a few miles north of Nazareth where He grew up. Word spreads that he is back in the area and a royal official comes to him asking that Jesus journey with him to Capernaum to heal his sick son. Jesus says, "You people will not believe unless you see signs and wonders." How did the royal official respond and what deeper lesson was Jesus seeking to teach him and us?

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Appearances of angels, miraculous conceptions, scandalous rumors, surprised shepherds, prophecies in the temple, strange visitors from the east, deranged tyrants, staying one step ahead of death - this is the true story of Advent.
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A voice in the wilderness shatters the silence of 400 years – “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.” A quiet figure comes for baptism, the heavens open and God’s voice is heard on earth again. Miracles follow – the sick are healed, the lame walk, the blind see, the dead are raised, and sinners forgiven. Who is this Jesus? What was his vision for his people and the world?
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Holy Week

He entered Jerusalem to the praise of the people. Five days later he was nailed to a Roman cross. Walk through the final week and discover the unexpected ending that changed the world forever.
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