The Women Jesus Loved is a provocative look into who these women were and what their relationship with Jesus was really like. The Women Jesus Loved will be upsetting to some and comforting to others. Decide for yourself.
This is a book of stories that changed the course of human history. However, these stories are so familiar to many of us that we take for granted. Jonathan Williams has helped the reader hear the message of the advent stories in a fresh way.
A true story, unfolding since the beginning of time. Renewal of All Things is a short film produced by WGS Ministries. Available in multiple translations for global distribution.
The story of Jesus and the stories He told come alive like never before. Jonathan Williams weaves in cultural and historical details that help us understand who Jesus is and why He came to this world.

Teaching to Change Your Life

Jonathan Williams

Many see the Bible as a book full of nice moral tales to help us on our journey. Others view it as a textbook full of doctrine. Still others look to it as the ultimate list of “do’s” and “don’ts.” But what if the Bible is something bigger and better? What if it is a story, the true story of God, mankind, and our future? What if it is the true story of the world that all should hear?

Word of God, Speak focuses on presenting the narrative of Scripture through biblical teaching and storytelling that will change your life!

Meet Jonathan

Stories to Reach Your Heart

The stories of Jesus have reached into the hearts of millions. They have changed people, families, and nations. Not all have loved the stories Jesus told. Not all have honored the life He lived. Some were angry with Him, the things He did and the things He said. Others were deeply moved and found hope. What will your response be?

Join Jonathan Williams for his weeky storytelling program, Stories of the Master, where he makes the life of Jesus and the stories he told come alive with fresh meaning.

It’s time for the world to hear again, The Stories of the Master

Books that Inform and Inspire

Dead Men Rising: The Death of Sin|The Rise of Grace

Romans 9 and the Story Paul Was Telling: What was Paul’s aim in writing and the story he was telling his generation?

The Prodigal Son and His Prodigal Father: Who is the true prodigal? Why is forgiveness such a hard gift to give?

Resurrection Vision: Learn the resurrection power that is available to change the whole world for His glory.

The Grace of God: Discover the meaning of grace and how God works in spite of weakness and unworthiness.

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    He was thrown out of his house for proclaiming Christ

    Last September, Kathy and I set up a table with our resources at the International Orality Network conference (ION). A man from Africa came by and I said, “Let me guess where you are from . . . Ethiopia!” He said, “How did you know?” A few hours later, we saw him sitting by himself,...
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    A Redemptive Solution for Every Need

    Yesterday, we had a guest speaker at our church who made this wonderful statement and told this amazing story. Here is the statement: “Every situation Jesus faced, he had a redemptive solution.”   Here’s the story: The pastor was driving in his home province of New Brunswick, Canada. He saw a billboard for a diner...

What others are saying

  • For the past few years Jonathan has spoken at our summer training program and God has greatly used him to encourage and strengthen those in attendance. He brings a wealth of biblical knowledge coupled with appropriate applications expressed through his pastoral heart.
    Tim Rude, Lead Pastor, Walnut Creek Community Church, Des Moines, IA
  • Your book was absolutely amazing! I have read many works on the subject (Bruce, Stott, Lloyd-Jones, MacArthur, etc.) and your book, by far has been the absolute best, the most comprehensive and the most real. You shared your life with the reader, and gave the reader a point of identification.
    Richard Millentree, Pastor, Turlock, California
  • I love this program (Stories of The Master) and have never heard anything else that is like it. Blessings for you!
    Listener in Illinois
  • We get home from church in time to have the family together and listen to your stories. What a blessing this is!
    Listener in Iowa
  • I heartily encourage churches to have Jonathan come and speak to their church or region of churches. When he spoke at our Heartland Regional, God used him to stir our minds and rouse our hearts with his passion for God's kingdom and His Word.
    Dave Putthoff, Pastor of Open Range Fellowship and Heartland Regional Director
  • I have learned much from this wonderful teaching and it helps a sinner like me start my day off right! I admire you for the life you have lived and for your commitment to the Lord.
    Listener in New York
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